Helping Patients Fill Out Patient Statements


One of the most powerful ways to stimulate referrals and encourage retention is to have “Our Patients Speak Out” notebooks full of these patient statements/testimonials.

Dear Patient: Creating a patient’s statement (testimonial/experience in our office) is to inform others who might have a condition similar to yours, that you have had help through chiropractic care. This will encourage others to try chiropractic and could be the means to them regaining their health!!

What was your health condition? In your own words tell us about your degree of suffering, location of pain, length of time you had condition and anything else you think would be important. Use disease/condition names when possible
What steps had you taken previously to get help (before coming to our office for care)? Please don’t mention other doctors names – an example would be “Various forms of treatment were tried elsewhere and failed to provide me with relief.”
How were you referred to our chiropractic office? Example: I was referred by a friend, former patient, newspaper, online ad, social media post, mailer, radio, etc.
In your words, how did the chiropractor help you? What was found in your original exam/x-rays, what was recommended and what was your response to that care?
What are the hobbies you enjoy doing?
How have you improved? Mention to what extent the condition cleared up or improved and how long it took.
Close the statement up. Please say a few words to encourage others to try chiropractic like you did. Example: I hope my experience will prompt others to try chiropractic care.
Additional info you think may be valuable:Can we have permission to use a photograph of you along with this patient statement?
We will type up your response and get your signature for approval to use this statement and help others have the confidence to try chiropractic to help them regain their health!!! Thank you for your contribution toward our mission to serve our community!

If you want to shortcut this process and simply have a powerful 160-page full color cover soft-bound book with hundreds and hundreds of patient testimonials and a Who’s Who Under Chiropractic Care section that you can share with every potential patient and current patient in your community and office, contact Timothy Feuling at 1-858-750-9176
Bulk quantity ordering available at 100 books for $250 or 50 books for $150 (includes shipping/handling). Single copies are $12.95 (free shipping) in the U.S. 

Timothy Feuling is the Managing Director of CBS Malpractice Insurance Program (NFP Property & Casualty). As an insurance broker he is able to shop the market to find you the most competitive premiums for the most comprehensive policies. You can reach Timothy at 1-858-750-9176 or by email at . Authoring 5 books on chiropractic risk management and patient testimonials, Timothy has a deep rooted passion for serving the chiropractic profession throughout the remainder of his life. Chiropractic has given him far more than he can ever give back.


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