5 Ways We Can Build Up Our Patients


Here are 5 ways we can help build patients UP!:

(1) Successful chiropractors are those who are generally pleasant with their patients. Our motive to be pleasant and honest should not be based on selfish returns…(not doing it to get more money from patient), but upon sincerity. Regard patients as worthy of respect whether or not you like or dislike them. Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and this includes your patients.

(2) Chiropractors should seek to recognize the positive traits and abilities their patients possess. Instead of continual fault-finding, we should see the GOOD points with another person possesses. You have the expression “accentuate the positive,” that’s what we want to do in every interaction with patients. You can appreciate others more if you look on their good side, rather than their bad. With proper discipline you can develop this habit in regard to others, especially your patients.

(3) Successful chiropractors who have reached their goals with a highly successful practice have usually been those who have learned by asking questions. Ask your patients questions about themselves, their life, their hobbies, career, family, etc. People love to talk about themselves and this is no different with your patients.

(4) Successful chiropractors appreciate each and every patient as they are the ones who have helped build your success. Don’t take patients for granted. You are blessed to have each and every patient that walks through your doors (however, being a professional liability expert, I can say you need to learn to differentiate the bad apples and usher them out of practice asap to avoid any potential risk). You can compliment your patients daily on things you notice or things they talk about. We all need “verbal love!”

(5) I know you need your practice to move along with momentum so you can’t sit and talk to patients for 10 minutes each so learn to communicate in a fashion where you can show interest by asking few questions and then also close up conversation politely by letting them know you need to get into the next room to adjust the next patient. Just a minute or 2 of conversation makes us feel special, appreciated and wanted. This goes a long way in creating the kinds of relationships that are long-standing.

In closing, be pleasant and honest in every interaction in your office whether it is with your chiropractic team or your patients. Patients see your interactions with your staff and will judge you based on that – good or bad. And of course, you will be judged on how you interact with them. If you want long-term patient retention, more referrals and a positive atmosphere in your office daily, then set the pace by the way you treat others. Karma is looking down on you:)

Timothy Feuling is the Managing Director of CBS Malpractice Insurance Program (NFP Property & Casualty). As an insurance broker he is able to shop the market to find you the most competitive premiums for the most comprehensive policies. You can reach Timothy at 1-858-750-9176 or by email at Tim@CallTimToday.com . Authoring 5 books on chiropractic risk management and patient testimonials, Timothy has a deep rooted passion for serving the chiropractic profession throughout the remainder of his life. Chiropractic has given him far more than he can ever give back.


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