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The Steps To Success Are Personal Ones


The Steps To Success Are Personal Ones

Dr. Larry Markson once said, “The steps to success are personal ones.” That was a very wise statement explaining that success begins with you, not you altering principles or procedures.

Let’s take a look at a few basic principles that will lead you to greater success – work on these personal ones and you are well on your way!

Whether you are already successful in your eyes and others or in search of success, strengthening these principles will create more success for you.

(1) Healthy Self-Image

This seems to be an area that plagues more people than any other principle. And this will lead you right down the failure spiral.

People just don’t like themselves. But we aren’t going to dwell on reasons for poor self-image, instead we will focus on reasons for having a healthy self-image.

Whether you are religious, spiritual or whatever, we all know God created man in his own image (you too ladies:) And God blessed them. (us)

Now it doesn’t require a ton of analysis to understand we are created spiritually in the image of God. And knowing that to be a fact and knowing we have dominion over everything on this earth, which includes any situation or circumstance we find ourselves in, then how can we have anything but a tremendously healthy self-image?

Make that change today if you are down on yourself, negative-nelly has taken over your life or you just plain have been hard on yourself. It’s time to realize WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!!! We were all made the same and have the same potential to feel great about ourselves.

(2) Positive Mental Attitude

Yes, that’s right! You need a PMA when you wake up, throughout the day and when you go to bed at night.

Whenever you turn negative, slap a positive into the thought. In other words, “I don’t have any new patients and I am sinking in my practice.” Instead, “I will attract patients into my practice this month by doing this, this and that and my practice will thrive from here on out.” You have to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to be positive. Most everyone we run into every day is negative and therefore it is very simple to join them. Remember, like attracts like so if you are negative you will attract negative to you. If you turn this around and become positive you will naturally attract positive to you. This doesn’t mean there won’t be some negative people in your life still, but you will rub off on them. Believe me, I have tested it over and over and over again. It works! Get a PMA!!

(3) Your Belief System

We have to develop a system we can depend on, lean on and know is there whenever we run into challenging circumstances (which is quite often).

As an example, what do you believe is possible for your practice? How many patients do you believe you deserve to see daily, weekly, monthly, annually? How much do you think your services are worth? Are you charging that much or undervaluing your services to TRY to attract in people.

Your belief system is EVERYTHING! If you believe your adjustment is worth $15, then that is what you will charge even though you see your colleagues charging $40-$60/adjustment. You are undervaluing yourself because of your belief system. Change your belief, change your standard of life.

Start believing BIGGER! Your services are of tremendous value and you should walk around with your chest out, shoulders tall and with great self confidence (not arrogance) knowing that your offerings are of the best there are to receive. Begin believing this and you will build your practice beyond your past beliefs. Keep expanding that belief system as you grow into your new image.

(4)Who Our Source Is

We were all created by God. Knowing and believing in your Source is a great step to long-term success and many less tragic moments. Your family, your career, your hobbies – those are all super important and add to your quality of life and give you reason to be a better chiropractor, but they aren’t your source.  Remember where you came from and how you were created and what you are capable of and you are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

God created all of us with power beyond belief. I have learned this first hand. As a competitive bodybuilder, I have pushed myself to levels of pain and strength and bodily weakness far beyond what I ever thought possible as I expanded my belief in myself and knowing I am ALL-POWERFUL.

We are all SUPERHEROES in human bodies. Spiritual beings living a human life. Now get out there and BELIEVE that today – NOW – go be what you have the potential to be because of who you are and where you came from and what you get to believe daily.

I believe in you and I am excited for your growth, success and personal fulfillment you will experience as you begin implementing these principles.

IMG_8263Timothy Feuling is the Managing Director of CBS Malpractice Insurance Program (NFP Property & Casualty). As an insurance broker he is able to shop the market to find you the most competitive premiums for the most comprehensive policies. You can reach Timothy at 1-858-750-9176 or by email at Tim@CallTimToday.com . Authoring 5 books on chiropractic risk management, personal development and patient testimonials, Timothy has a deep rooted passion for serving the chiropractic profession throughout the remainder of his life. Chiropractic has given him far more than he can ever give back. I am at your service.


PURPOSE – The Most Important Factor For Success


There are many factors to success and we could squabble over what is the most important factor, however, I think most would agree that PURPOSE is the most important.

According to Webster dictionary it is defined as “something set up as an object or end result to be attained.” To be ON PURPOSE means to be in line with achieving what you desire.

There are a multitude of examples of doctors who have great procedures and efficiently ran offices who aren’t ON PURPOSE and the office results suffer. I am not saying there is any “one right purpose” for all doctors. Some doctors will set very attainable, modest goals while others set unattainable goals they chase after and are happy to come anywhere close to.

Ultimately, the PURPOSE of your office is up to you as is the art of staying ON PURPOSE.

An ON PURPOSE office and doctor must commit their PURPOSE to writing and must factor their PURPOSE into all office decisions. Setting the PURPOSE of the office is the first and easiest step. Step 2 is to stay ON PURPOSE. We all know it is virtually impossible to stay ON PURPOSE every second of every day, but we must strive to be in this state as often as possible to achieve the highest levels of success in practice and life.

In order to know if you are in a state of ON PURPOSE, you need to know what it feels like to be OFF PURPOSE:) There are 2 ways to do so. If you realize you are no longer having any fun in your office, consider seriously that you are OFF PURPOSE. If your office is experiencing negative growth for 2-3 weeks, consider yourself and your office OFF PURPOSE. Realizing you are OFF PURPOSE solves half the problem. The other half is getting you back on track for success – back ON PURPOSE. Let’s give you 10 ways to do so:

(1) Read some patient testimonials you have received throughout the years. This will remind you of your value and the importance of your work.

(2) Visit the office of a highly successful doctor and utilize his/her energy to refuel yourself and your PURPOSE.

(3) Read out loud your “Statement of PURPOSE” in the morning, lunch and before you go home at night.

(4) Close your eyes and meditate a bit on back when you were a chiropractic student and the dreams and goals you had for when you were in practice, what you wanted to achieve, who you wanted to be.

(5) Ask yourself if you would be happier in another profession. If you feel strongly about this, it may be time to change direction. If not, get motivated by whatever means it takes.

(6) Call an office meeting and sit with  your team and discuss what being ON PURPOSE means and achieves for your team and community as a whole and discuss how to get back ON PURPOSE. Get everyone involved. This will create amazing energy among your team.

(7) Attend a convention, seminar, speaking event with some powerful speakers that you know motivate you and get your ON PURPOSE back!!

(8) Meet with your partner or another chiropractor who is ON PURPOSE and discuss PURPOSE – you are sure to get the engine fired back up – make sure this is a chiropractor who is driving toward success and not a burnt out chiropractor that may drain you more.

(9) Schedule a health talk or go out and do a spinal screening at a health fair/street fair where you can get back into discussing the value of chiropractic and what you have seen and been able to do in your career to help the community get back to health.

(10) If none of the above works, you may need a break. Schedule a vacation (5-7 days off where you can relax, mastermind, meditate, re-aquaint yourself with your priorities in life – set new goals, aspire toward new dreams.

Being ON PURPOSE is your foundation for success. Without it you are doomed for a life of mediocrity where you just aren’t truly enjoying what you do for a living. With it, you are driving toward and engulfed in success and will have more fulfillment in every area of life.

You have it in you to create a ON PURPOSE life doctor – now get to it!!!!

Timothy Feuling is the Managing Director of CBS Malpractice Insurance Program (NFP Property & Casualty). As an insurance broker he is able to shop the market to find you the most competitive premiums for the most comprehensive policies. You can reach Timothy at 1-858-750-9176 or by email at Tim@CallTimToday.com . Authoring 5 books on chiropractic risk management and patient testimonials, Timothy has a deep rooted passion for serving the chiropractic profession throughout the remainder of his life. Chiropractic has given him far more than he can ever give back.